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  1. [VAAF] Strike - training-5

  2. [VAAF] training

  3. DCS World Weekend news

  4. F-14 de Heatblur Simulations - update

    Hey everyone, Enjoy this first episodic highlight of the DCS: F-14 flight model. We've spent countless hours researching, digitizing and developing this FM - and we truly believe it will stand as one of the best and most accurate in DCS World. _________________
  5. DCS World Weekend news

    Su-33 for DCS World Coming Soon Su-33 for DCS World is now available for pre-purchase! Normally priced at $14.99 USD, the Su-33 will be discounted to $11.99 while in pre-purchase, a 20% savings. The Early Access release is set for late-September 2017. Other screenshots available here Pre-purchase Su-33 for DCS World Owners of DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 will receive the Su-33 for FREE! Upon Early Access release of the Su-33 for DCS World, DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 will be priced at $44.99 USD. Features of this upcoming Su-33 update include: Professional Flight Model (PFM) More detailed and accurate simulation of the wing control surfaces that include the leading and trailing edge flaps and the differential ailerons. In addition to the conventional differential stabilizers, canard behavior has also been improved for more realistic behavior. The Flight Control System (FCS) will automatically reconfigure itself depending on the flight mode. The adaptations that make the Su-33 aircraft carrier-capable have been updated and improved to include the wing-fold mechanism, reinforced landing gear struts, and the inclusion of high-gain nose wheel steering for use on crowded carrier decks. The physical mechanisms by which the arrestor hook engages the aircraft carrier arrestor wire has been greatly improved. Correct physics have been applied to the arrestor wire and its’ interaction with the aircraft. The engines now have a "special mode" that adds up to 12,800 kg of thrust (instead of the normal 12,500 kg of thrust). This mode also includes realistic operating time restrictions. A new FCS mode used when aerial refueling has also been implemented. When in this mode and the control stick is released, the aircraft will automatically maintain level flight. This FCS mode allows fine-control and thus making it easier to make contact with the tanker within a pitch range of plus or minus 5 degrees and of a roll angle of plus or minus 10 degrees. The Auto-Thrust Control (ATC) is used for automatic speed holding and can be fine-tuned with a set speed switch. This can be useful with landing on the carrier. The automatic collision avoidance system ("Uvod" mode) is now included and allows safe nap-of-the-earth flying. Announcing the P-51D: Charnwood Campaign Created by the same team behind the Spitfire: Epsom Campaign, work is moving rapidly on this historically-based campaign for the P-51D over Normandy in July 1944. The Charnwood campaign reproduces missions P-51D missions flown in support of the allied breakout of Normandy. Given the Mustang’s combination of air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities (bombs and rockets), this campaign will offer a wealth of mission types and challenges. Each mission is based on a real mission, down to weather, times, squadrons, mission tasks, and allied and axis unit placement. Coming Autumn 2017. Other screenshots available here DCS 1.5.7 Update 1 for Steam This week we are updating the 1.5.7 version of DCS World for Steam and also offer two new campaigns: DCS World Steam Store Mi-8MTV2: The Border Campaign "The Border" is the storyline campaign of a Russian Air-Force pilot flying the Mi-8MTV2 helicopter inside DCS World. The player serves as a helicopter commander in the South Ossetia border area. In the course of 15 missions you’ll have to fly day and night sorties, deliver cargo and military personnel to remote outposts, land and pick up ground forces by helicopter, participate in special-forces raids conducted at the territory of the Republic. Features of The Border campaign: 15 adventurous single player missions. 206 voiced radio dialogues in the campaign's missions. Detailed mission briefings with flight plan pictures. Russian localization includes voiceovers and subtitles. English localization includes subtitles. The DCS: Mi-8MTV2 is required to be installed. A-10C: Stone Shield Campaign A-10C: Stone Shield is a story-driven campaign that puts you in the cockpit of an A-10C Warthog as a USAF pilot assigned to the 445th Air Expeditionary Wing. In 2015 Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Russia have announced the start of the "Caucasus-2015" military exercise. Intelligence analysis later reveals that the exercises is actually cover for Russia forces repositioning to the Abkhazian territory and further escalating tensions in the Caucasus region. The 445th Air Expeditionary Wing and the 6th mechanized brigade have been deployed to Georgia as a response by NATO to counter Russia's military aggression against its peaceful neighbor. Prepare yourself to face with the following tasks: Providing precision airstrikes against enemy targets Supporting Special Ops teams in tracking down and capturing dangerous militants Providing on-call close air support for friendly forces and much more The A-10C: Stone Shield campaign offers you a variety of challenging missions in which you must not only act as a tank killer, but also operate as a sniper making one shot and one kill engagements. The DCS: A-10C Warthog is required to be installed. Attached Thumbnails
  6. Les anniversaires

    Merci Baghdad
  7. DCS World Weekend news

  8. DCS World Weekend news

  9. DCS World Weekend news

  10. DCS World Weekend news

  11. DCS World Weekend news

  12. [VAAF] Décrassage pour tout le monde!

    Briefing oral
  13. Presentation 6cario

    Ok, on commencera par le Mig 29 si tu le souhaites. Il faut juste un peu de temps pour apprendre.
  14. Les anniversaires

    Joyeux anniversaire Baghdad, heuuu ma part c'est le SMT, on ne touche pas!!!